Linda Acunto was born in Naples, Italy. She studied photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome, concluding the three-year course with a project in memory of the innocent victims of common and organized crime in Naples. The project was carried out with the collaboration of various associations and foundations, including LIBERA (Associations, names and numbers against the mafia) and was exposed in various cities like Naples, Rome, Oxford. In 2022 she attended the Contemporary Photojournalism Master's degree at Officine Fotografiche, in Rome, during which she was selected by PHocus magazine for the 'Confini' project. In the same year, she's been chosen by Leica Camera Italia for the 'Roma Chilometro Zero' project.

My visual research is based on a documentary approach combined with a personal narrative that allows me to carry out an action of interpretation as well as storytelling.
My working method starts with study and confrontation and then moves on to visual research and the development of the project itself. Each image has a basis of anthropological research.
The themes I deal with are those of memory, identity, and the territory, in relation to its inhabitants. In fact, the project I started in 2021, Where Feet Don't Touch the Ground, is an investigation into the particularity of a place and how this affects the lives of the people who live there.